Jennifer A Giblin D.Min, LMHC, MCAP, NCC

Coach – Counselor- Intuitive & Professional Medium – Consultant

Calm the Mind, Love the Body, Feed the Soul, and Celebrate Spirit!

Offering encouragement, healing, and support to help you life the happiest life possible!

Coach & Counselor

I invest in every relationship I am in with honesty, integrity and respect.

I take time to know each person, their desires, goals, and souls purpose. Each person is unique and has a path, a path to be respected and I am honored to be a part of each and every person’s journey.

Energy Healer & Professional Medium

Energy Psychology modalities and other intuitive exploration and healing practices allows for numerous ways to achieve goals.

I offer a unique style incorporating counseling strategies, shamanistic philosophy and spiritualist/intuitive practices; allowing for deeper connection and transformation.

Consultation & Training

I’m invested in the healing of our Healers!

I provide consultation, small groups and training for the helpers of world seeking their own enlightenment; want to learn how to work intuitively; and gain skills to advance their work for others.

Embark on the JOURNEY of a lifetime…

Be ready for an AWAKENING and an expansion of awareness….

and to experience more than you thought possible.

Are you ready to TRANSFORM?

SERVICES OFFERED: Click on each for a description


TRAUMA PROCESSING utilizing Brain-based processing modalities such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing); BRAINSPOTTING; TIR (Trauma Incident Reduction); Crisis and Suicide support

COACHING – Feeling stuck in life and need to remove blocks from moving forward? Solution -Focused and Motivational strategies designed to help remove the blocks from reaching the goals you’ve always wanted to reach.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING – Interventions for individuals struggling with problems with mood (depression/anxiety); relationship & family issues; grief and loss;

CONSULTATION – Consultation and training offered to counseling and healing professionals









PROFESSIONAL MEDIUM – Sittings offered to connect individuals, with evidence of and messages from, loved ones who are in Spirit; including connection to Spirit Guides, Ancestors or others beings who show up to bring what is needed to the individual in that moment in time.

INTUITIVE READING – Sittings offered to assist and guide individuals with personal information for self growth, decision making, connecting with ones purpose, and other personal information desired.

PAST LIFE & AKASHIC READINGS – Sittings offered to help guide others in finding meaning in this life, based on what is brought in from the past. Healing of past life issues offered.

TAROT and AURIC READINGS – Tarot is a way to gain information about ones past, present and future based on how the sitter chooses their cards and the messages brought forth through the symbolism and meaning and the intuitive reading of the cards. Auric readings involve viewing the color and vibrancy of the Aura to give information about the


Individual and small group training or consultation available for counselors and spiritualists, mediums, and healers.

Get to know Jennifer........
Get to know Jennifer……..

 Jennifer is an experienced professional that followed a lifelong passion for helping others overcome emotional pain, challenges and barriers in order to live a more successful and fulfilling life.  She studied at the University of Florida and University of Central Florida in the areas of Education;  Mental Health, Marriage & Family and Addictions counseling; and has since focused on specialties such as grief & complex trauma; clinical evaluation & assessment; domestic violence; crisis and suicide. 
     Jennifer’s life has consisted of service to institutions such as education, the foster care system, corporations, agencies, crisis stabilization facilities, psychiatric & residential programs, extensive spiritual study and private counseling work.   Jennifer has led workshops at national conferences, published in clinical journals, and served her communities by training professional groups.  Jennifer is also a clinical supervisor and is a mentor and trainer to other counselors, clinical assessors and healers.  She has a passion for counseling, teaching, learning and guiding others in their own healing journeys in order to more effectively and successfully help others.
     Throughout her life and career, Jennifer has followed her own spiritual journey and nurtured a lifelong interest in universal truth and the deeper meanings of life and death. Life altering experiences led her to continue professional training in alternative holistic and healing modalities such as a Shamanism, Energy Psychology, Intuitive Healing,  Professional Mediumship, Trance Healing, Esoteric Astrology and Samassatti Color-light therapy; marking the most deeply satisfying phase of her life thus far.  Jennifer further studied with spiritual mentors and traveled the world,  lived in ashrams in India, participated in shamanistic healing retreats in South America, and studied as a Professional Medium with world renowned Instructors at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, the Arthur Findley College in England and with the International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge in the United States. 
     Equipped with an  integrative, mindful and all faith spiritual and holistic approach based in both science and spirituality;  Jennifer now strives every day to serve others in their search for meaning and purpose;  and to assist in others in their journey for emotional, mental and spiritual health in order to live a life of peace and happiness.

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